Welcome To The Crescent Companies

Crescent works hand in hand with the Project Team, including the Developer, CM/GC, Majority Firms and Minority Firms to ensure compliance of all aspects of AA/EEO, Diversity, Local & Integrity Monitoring Programs. We review all Program Requirements and create a personalized program for Compliance, Monitoring, Management, and Reporting. Crescent’s project managers perform site inspections and review reports to ensure the Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action (EEO/AA) requirements of a contract are enforced through Contract Compliance Reviews (CCR).

Crescent Energy understands the importance of implementing Energy Cost Savings programs, sustainable building initiatives and the LEED Rating System. Crescent has the expertise to provide the necessary support to assist our clients in achieving their specified Energy goals.

Crescent Building Services specializes in Site Safety Management of Construction Projects and Local Law 11 Safety Oversight, and Joint Venture Blending of Construction Personnel such as Project and Asst. Project Managers, Project & Asst. Supers, Schedulers, Estimators, etc.